Turtle Grad

Age 30-36 months

4:1 student/teacher ratio
This class is 25 minutes


  • Secure age-appropriate independent water safety skills from the wall, dock and steps independently/unassisted
  • Able to understand, control/holding of breath, exchange air in regards to buoyancy, balance unassisted
  • Child MUST show emotional stability- “separation readiness” to graduate to an independent class without a parent in the water
  • Demonstrate ability to complete a skill independently
  • Able to sit, listen, and wait for a minimum of 30 seconds


This group class is for our turtle swimmers who are ready with both their swimming skills and emotionally to start separating from their parent. These swimmers are initiating their swims, able to move through the water to given points in the pool, are back floating independently, are able to dive for a toy and return to the wall, and other fun water skills.

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