2-18 months

6:1 student/teacher ratio
This Parent-n-Me class is 25 minutes

To build lifelong Water Safety and Acclimation Skills that provide the basic building blocks to life-saying skills. Babies learn to focus on mastering the water’s natural forces of Breath, Buoyancy, and Balance for aquatic comfort that influences their physiology, and cognitive, social, and neuro-sensory brain development. Swimmers will gain emotional stability with the beginning of “separation readiness”. They will learn to demonstrate understanding follow instructions with parents guidance.

  • The seahorse group class is a parent-and-child swimming lesson.
  • Classes are grouped within a 6-month age range of the other swimmers so that you can work on developmentally appropriate skills with your swimmer.
  • You will work on water safety skills with your swimmer, how to back float, how to submerge under the water, and other fun pool activities!
  • Swimmers work on gaining independence in the water, decreasing support as they gain confidence in the water.

In-pool orientation with your swimmer is required to be attended prior to starting lessons.

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